Welcome to The Ohio State University Airport!

The Ohio State University Airport serves as a hub to regional industry members, a learning lab for future aviation professionals and a core facility for university research. Since 1942 it has grown to be a nationally recognized leading general aviation facility.

KOSU terminal and aircraft


The Ohio State University Airport has distinguished itself as central Ohio’s premier executive airport. A full-service terminal offers incredible pilot, crew and customer amenities. Tenants expert in aircraft detailing partner with the airport to offer high-quality service to customers.


As one of three airports owned by top-tier research universities nationwide, KOSU supports the development of future aviation professionals in a variety of career paths. It is the primary teaching and research nucleus serving the university’s Center for Aviation Studies (CAS) and engages with other units throughout the university. Learn more about CAS: aviation.osu.edu.


Ohio State’s airport enhances the future of aviation by supporting research and development. Interdisciplinary projects span general aviation safety, experimental aircraft, aviation accident investigation, weather instrumentation, runway improvements and public safety training. The university’s world-renowned Aerospace Research Center (ARC) is located on the airport’s campus. ARC focuses the university’s aerospace activities to address current and future air transportation challenges. Learn more: arc.osu.edu.

To learn more about the airport's activities, download an airport fact sheet (coming soon!).

The Original Ohio State University Airport

In 1917, The Ohio State University opened its first airport on the banks of the Olentangy River, the location of which was approved by Orville Wright.

The First Ohio State University Airport
Taking off from the first Ohio State University Airport