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The Ohio State University Airport's mission encompasses providing educational opportunities for future aviation professionals. Part-time employment allows students to learn about various aspects of the airport while working alongside career employees. Detailed below are student assistant job descriptions.

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Airport Student Dispatch Assistant

This position provides dispatch support to Flight Education students, part time employees, and administrative staff. It is the last line of defense for safely dispatching airplanes. The position provides support to our Dispatch Supervisor; making sure that the schedule is being followed for flights, that students arrive on time, that students in overflow spots get dispatched in the correct airplanes, answering phone calls, effectively communicating with the FBO and Line Service, reporting squawks to aircraft, and making sure that credit card procedures are followed. Employees will learn how to effectively manage a dispatch desk and need to be ready for any situation.

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Customer Service desk employee

Airport Customer Service Student Assistant

Serves as first point of contact for customers at The Ohio State University Airport (KOSU). Greets customers over the phone or in person and answer questions regarding OSU aviation program, FBO services, extracurricular and community events hosted at airport, etc.; utilizes two-way radio to dispatch requests from customers to line service staff for services; refers customer service issues to a higher authority for further resolution or action; performs manual tasks related to retail services; provides clerical assistance with operations car rental services; maintains accurate and complete records of services and phone logs; registers transient aircraft and pilots upon arrival and update electronic schedule board; communicates with private and corporate flight crews to ensure the customer demands are met accurately and on time; performs other administrative tasks as assigned.

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Line Service student assistant

Airport Line Services Student Assistant

This position provides airport line services to The Ohio State University Airport (KOSU) based and transient aircraft operators; supports customer concierge services as needed. Assists staff with marshalling aircraft to parking spaces; fueling operations; performs miscellaneous ground service such as snow removal; and other tasks as needed during peak travel periods.

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Airport Operations Student Assistant

This position provides assistance to the airport operations/airfield maintenance staff.  Job duties may include painting, landscaping (mowing, trimming, mulching) and general patrolling of the shop area and other airport buildings.

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