Stephanie Morgan appointed to Ohio Air & Space Hall of Fame and Museum Board of Trustees

Posted: June 8, 2021
Photo of Stephanie Morgan
Stephanie Morgan

The Ohio Air & Space Hall of Fame and Museum (OAS) recently announced its first Board of Trustees, naming Stephanie Morgan, executive director of The Ohio State University Air Transportation & Aerospace Campus, among its members.

The Columbus, Ohio-based OAS has been established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, its core mission being to permanently preserve the inspiring legacies of this state’s outstanding pioneers of flight and publicly herald their achievement, both as a point of pride and to foster continued innovation. The organization launched virtually in 2021 and is fundraising to renovate its future brick-and-mortar home in the historical terminal and hangar on the grounds of John Glenn Columbus International Airport.

“The OAS is designed to be a learning lab, serving the community and all Ohioans,” said Morgan. “By repurposing the city’s first commercial airport terminal and aircraft hangar where it will make its home, a significant piece of Ohio’s aviation history has been preserved. This creates multiple value-adds for the community.”

“The terminal has a storied history as a significant stopover on what was once a time-saving 48-hour trip from New York to California by rail and airplane. I am happy to be part of history to help tell the story of the aging terminal, historical heroes and pioneers that have left a fingerprint on our diverse and inspiring industry.”

Morgan oversees the strategic vision and operational blueprint for the Ohio State airport and aerospace research facilities. Her expertise centers on airport management, multimillion dollar airport improvements, aviation strategic planning and airport community relations.

OAS' inaugural Board of Trustees roster includes eight representatives from across Ohio aviation organizations and community leaders. Board chair is Ron Kaplan, executive director of OAS. The Board of Trustees held its first meeting May 19, when members began formalizing plans for future organizational goals, objectives and aid for the renovation effort.

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