All about drones: On-demand course for UAS pilots-in-training

Image of a drone flying

The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies is now offering a virtual, self-paced course on the operation of small unmanned aerial systems. The short course is available to anyone wishing to gain new knowledge on the operation of small drones or those preparing for the Federal Aviation Administration Remote Pilot Exam.

“Ohio State Aviation is excited to bring this opportunity to the public,” said instructor Matt Dreher. “This is a period of unprecedented growth for UAS, and the range of emerging uses provides almost unlimited opportunities for those who have always wanted to work in aviation or, those who may be looking for a career change.”

Topics covered include drones in the national airspace, weather forecast considerations, federal regulations and the navigation of charts. Time will also be dedicated to the discussion of waivers and safety.

The course is co-taught by the center’s Assistant Director Brian Strzempkowski, Program Manager Matt Dreher and The Ohio State University Airport Assistant Director of Operations Dale Gelter. All have extensive experience in the aviation field, as well as each holding multiple pilot licenses, including FAA Part 107 UAS.

There are no prerequisites for the online course.

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