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Outreach For All Ages


YA3 is a monthly hands-on program open to 6th- 8th graders with an interest in learning more about aviation. 

September 6-April 18

7-8:30 p.m.

Location: The Ohio State University Airport, 2160 West Case Road, Hangar 1

Registration: $5.00. (Payable at the September 6 Open House. Scholarships available.) Registration will be limited to 30 students.

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About YA3

YA3 introduces middle school age students to the exciting world of aviation and aeronautics, unravelling the wonder and mystery of flight. YA3 will be offered twice a month and cover the same curriculum as the original YAA in 1 1/2 hour sessions to middle school age students. The sessions will alternate between meetings at the airport and aviation themed field trips. Like the original YAA, the curriculum is based on the requirements for earning the Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge, but it is not necessary to be in a scouting program to attend.

In YA3, students will meet fifteen times during the academic year and participate in discussions and hands-on activities including:

  • airplane preflight checks,
  • airport surface operations,
  • aerodynamics,
  • the life of a professional pilot and many other careers in aviation,
  • aircraft engines, and instrument panels.

The sessions are run by two pilots/discussion leaders.


The history of YAA

The original YAA, a fast paced single day event, is geared to students ages 12-18.

The Youth Aviation Adventure Program (YAA) was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1997 by Dan Kiser and Steve Wathen. Dan and Steve, both pilots, offered to help Steve's son and some friends earn their Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badges. The two men enjoyed sharing their love of aviation with the boys so much that they began recruiting scouts from other nearby troops and offering their Aviation Merit Badge program twice a year. As the program became more popular, Dan and Steve enlisted other pilots and aviation enthusiasts as volunteers to expand and upgrade the content of the program. Girl Scouts and youth from other organizations in their community were invited. The YAA program is currently offered twice a year at The Ohio State University Airport, once in the spring and once in the fall. The program typically attracts 150-200 participants. For more information about YAA, go to