What's all the BUZZ about?

Airplanes aren’t the only ones flying around here! Did you know there are bee hives at The Ohio State University Airport? In partnership with Ohio State’s Rothenbuhler Honey Bee Research Laboratory and Department of Entomology, we support research about how different habitats impact honey bees and their nectar collection. Honey is a sweet result of the research. We are pleased to offer a limited amount for sale in our Pilot Shop.

About the bees

Bee hives at KOSU
Hives are interspersed across airport property to study bees’ use of different habitats, including woods, meadows and pastures.
Large swarm of honey bees on a comb
Inside the hives bees build wax combs as a place to raise babies or to store nectar and pollen as food. (Nectar becomes honey!)
Beekeeper using smoke to help check the hives
The airport beekeeper is Dale Gelter, who is also the assistant director of airfield operations. Smoke helps prevent stings when opening hives.

Honey harvesting

Honey combs in a spinning extraction machine
Honey is harvested in a multistep process that includes spinning the honey out of the combs in this machine.
A jar of honey being filled.
The honey is strained twice, then it is bottled into jars and ready to enjoy.
Honey jar with Buckeye Honey label with box of jars in the background
After bottling, the honey is labeled and sold in our Pilot Shop.

Visit the hives with us in this short video

Pilot Shop contact information

Pilot Shop Click here to check the hours of our Pilot Shop where Buckeye Honey is sold.
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