Air Traffic Control

In August 1997, Midwest Air Traffic Control Services, Inc. was contracted by the Federal Aviation Administration to provide air traffic control (ATC) services at the Ohio State Airport. As a service to pilots, State Tower provides the flying public with both aircraft and helicopter arrival/departure procedures. We hope that it will make your transitions to and from the Ohio State Airport as efficient as possible.

State Tower interfaces with student pilots with low time and commercial pilots with thousands of hours. Midwest ATC Service excels at providing air traffic control services that reach new heights in safety and customer satisfaction. We have found that comments and feedback from the flying community, which utilize the airports we serve, are invaluable to our facility evaluation process, permitting us to recognize excellent individual performance and to address areas where improvement may be necessary. We appreciate you taking a moment to complete a digital survey or printing and submitting a hard copy survey.


Most of the information presented through the airport website is provided as a valuable reference to any pilot operating to/from the airport. All information is derived from other time-critical air navigation publications, and is subject to change without notice. This resource is not designed to replace these publications; rather, to draw information together to make a convenient reference.

Pilots and drone operators may call the tower at 614-292-9834 for additional information.

Image of KOSU air traffic control tower
Image of interior of KOSU air traffic control tower

Airport diagram

Image of the KOSU airfield diagram