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Construction Activities


East Ramp & T-hangar Alley Pavement Rehabilitation (October 03 - 17)

Construction began last fall on the rehabilitation of the pavement areas on the east ramp and east t-hangar alleys.  This project was funded by an FAA Grant secured by the airport.  Most of the work was accomplished last fall.

Beginning October 03,  Decker Construction will return to the airport to address areas of concern that Dale has regarding final acceptance of the pavement project. The pavement surrounding the big concrete pad will have the surface layer replaced to address ponding water issues. Other water areas to be addressed include a couple of spots in front of the  “D” T-Hangar units, bad paver joints at the north ends of the t-hangars, as well as other spots of ponding water along the taxi lanes. The ponding areas to be addressed are only the ones that fail FAA specifications.  You may still see some thin areas of water holding on the pavement after this work is accomplished, but these fall within the construction specification guidelines.

If any work will inhibit your egress from your hangar, you will be contacted directly to arrange times/dates when this work may be accomplished.

This work period will be October 3rd  to October 17th. 


New T-hangar Construction (November 28, 2016  –  June, 2017)

After a few delays, the construction crew is arriving on November 28th  to begin the construction of the new t-hangars. The contractor entrance will be from the service drive on the east end, and utilize the newly constructed drive on the south from the east gate to the grass panel east of Hangar 9. 

The first phase of construction will be the site work for the location of the new hangars. Old pavement removed, drainage tile rerouted, foundations dug, and the concrete slabs installed are the goals by the end of December. Throughout the winter, construction of the metal structures are anticipated to take place. Then next Spring, the final utilities and pavement will be installed.

The work area will be barricaded to mark the limits of the construction zone. Access to the C&D T-hangars will be via the service road as usual. Taxi to the runway/taxiway complex will be via the east exit on the east ramp. The service drive will unfortunately have construction traffic entering from the east end, so caution must be exercise by everyone because of increased traffic activity.

If the project remains on schedule, the new hangars are expected to open in June of 2017.

These new t-hangars are expected to help alleviate the wait list of aircraft owners desiring storage in a t-hangar.


OSU Tower Fire Life Safety Stairs  (October 10, 2016 - July 31, 2017)

The FAA has bid and contracted a company to construct a set of Enclosed Fire Exit Stairs along the South side of the control tower.   The tower does not currently meet new requirements for life safety egress in the event of a fire in the base of the control tower. This construction should not interfere with any aircraft operations.

Construction will begin October 10th, with completion expected July 31st, 2017. 

They plan to relocate utilities and construct the external stair foundation from October 10th to November 16th, 2016. 

Construction of the structural steel and siding is expected from March 1st to April 30th , 2017.

Finish work inside the tower will be from May 1st through July 31st, 2017.