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Construction Activities

Austin E. Knowlton Executive Terminal and Aviation Education Center (August 2017 – August 2018)

Week of March 12


"inside the fence"    Work continues to enclose the structure:

  • Roofers are finishing 
  • Wall studs are being placed in the second floor level
  • Electrical conduit and outlets are being placed
  • HVAC work continues
  • Drywall is being placed


"outside the fence"   

  • Work continues on storm water
  • AEP transformer has been energized! We now have power into the building!
  • March 19th traffic flow changes and all parking in front of the Administration, Hangar 5 / Flt Ed, Hangar 4, and Hangars 2-3 will be closed. Parking will be in the gravel lot behind Administration and Hangar 9 west lot

Please note the Barnstormer Restaurant WILL BE OPEN for business as usual.  Special pedestrian walk-ways will be established.  Please follow the directions given by numerous signs that are to be posted to guide you to/from the hangars and restaurant.

terminal constructionAustin E. Knowlton Executive Terminal and Aviation Learning Center under construction

North Runway Rehabilitation (August 2017 - November 2017)

Runway 9L-27R was reopened on December 14th.  Next spring will finish the project with final grading of disturbed areas and grass seed planted.


Air Traffic Control Tower Life Safety Stairs

The life safety stairwell is complete and functional.  The only thing remaining is some exterior painting next spring when weather permits.


​FAA Tech Ops Installing New Control Cabling to RTR

Placement of the remaining concrete structions connecting the direct bury and open trench conduits is to be determined.  Delays have forced the project into the winter months, and now field conditions are not condusive to heavy equipment operations.